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Many Hands…: The Importance of Collaboration

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Hey all, Kenley here and, as promised, I’m writing about collaboration.

Many hands...

I would put money in saying that Winnipeg’s New Media sector is different than most other New Media sectors in the world because rather than looking in for inspiration, it looks outward to its colleagues, compatriots and counterparts.

That needs clarification.  One company from out west moved over to Winnipeg approximately one year ago and asked me about “the way that we do things here in Winnipeg.”  I happily replied that we’re really all on the same team and we commonly discuss what we’re working on, how it’s going and ask for ideas or feedback.  The head of given company (who shall remain nameless, because I haven’t asked him if I can blog about our conversation) gaped at me as though I had broken the cardinal rules in business… oh wait, I have.

In many big cities and big companies, secrecy and protectionist tendencies are of paramount importance and collaboration is a faux-pas that no company can afford: What if their product leaks? What if someone tries to copy it? What if someone does it better?

I appreciate that those are valid concerns and they are in place for a reason – Blue Harvest and Rory’s First Kiss helped to quell the fans from discovering that the companies were really making Star Wars and The Dark Knight. But, why did they have to keep the secrecy? This does the opposite of a tried and true marketing force, perhaps one of the strongest marketing forces out there: Hype.

Many Indie game companies understand this better than most.  In fact, they do the opposite: They post their developmental material as well… and blog about it… it’s almost like they bring their fans into the creation process. One killer example of this is with Bit Blot’s 2007 release of Aquaria, made by Derek Yu and Winnipegger, Alec Holowka.

The Seven Days of Aquaria

On the first day, they take you through Concept Art and conceiving the basic elements of the game; then, on the second day, Music and a cool mix from some of the 53 tracks from the game; on the third day, we meet Jenna Sharpe, the voice actor for the game’s protagonist, Naija… you see where I’m going with this: Opening up creates hype and builds a relationship with your fans.

Other awesome examples of this include Bear McCreary’s blog on writing/conceiving/recording the music for Battlestar Galactica and Super Meat Boy Blog.  To be REALLY fair, Alec Holowka’s independent company, Infinite Ammo, has “Marion Mondays,” where  new design aspects of their new game, Marion, are released and discussed.

Where am I going with this? Many hands make light work, or in short, collaboration makes everyone better.  The last few examples weren’t ENTIRELY about collaboration, but focusing more on the idea of secrecy and how a sense of “intellectual protectionism” can be detrimental to everyone.

Winnipeg shares everything and attracts the best people from its pool to do the best work.  Winnipeg’s chapter of the International Game Developers’ Association has regular meetings every two months to showcase new ways of using lighting effects, manipulating gravity in the Unity engine and/or showcasing new games that are in development.  All of get to be inspired by crafty coding, beautiful artwork, beautiful sound design, excellent 3D modelling and stunning animation – there is no fear of stealing ideas because we are all on the same team.

One company in Winnipeg manifests that credo in everything it does: New Media Manitoba.  New Media Manitoba is like an umbrella that helps enrich all of the New Media companies within its subscription by holding seminars, bringing in speakers, running courses, hosting events and promoting the cutting-edge work that’s being done in our fair city.  New Media Manitoba had a hand in the course that Jeremy just attended… amazing work.  But again, it is through this collaboration that a shared and exponential success is nurtured – not only happening once, but a continual growth of the industry.  Again, collaboration.

Author Seth Godin discusses this idea at length in Episode 97 of CBC’s technology program, Spark and I recommend this listen for everyone  – it’s terrific.

Pick your cliche:

– Many hands make light work.
– The whole is more than the sum of its parts.
– The more that hold the net, the less that fall through…

… All of these make sense and that’s one of the reasons why Winnipeg’s New Media industry is growing by leaps and bounds.  The unified strength of our many companies is creating something special in the Paris of the Prairies and I think that it has a lot to do with collaboration and our sharing of skills.  Imagine how much further ahead we could be if we all shared our strength to create great arts and services for the world around us… if you can’t imagine, ask a friend.


First Post by Jeremy!

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When not in the studio...

Well, I guess it’s about time I introduced myself to this blog. So I’m Jeremy and I am the Creative Sound Designer/Audio Engineer at NDB Studio Productions. If you have read Kenley’s posts you know about the studio already. So I don’t need to really talk about that. Hmm… I guess I’ll just rant about something then.

I’ve spent years sitting on the fence, thinking that it is a strange thing to blog and share your life with the world. Then I realized, wait a second, I share my life on Facebook and twitter every day, what difference is blogging about it going to make?! I feel kind of like the person who finally decided to get on Facebook years after all their friends, mostly due to the desire for social interaction, like I’m missing out on something that everyone else is rockin’ hard. So, I’m not really sure what I’m going to share with you. To be truthfully honest, I am quite glad that I am only a co-author of this Blog. We can all rest assured that Kenley will likely contribute the majority of content to the NDBlog. Although I think that the idea of a blog as a place to rant might be growing on me the more I think about it!

So on Thursday, January 28th, I attended the All Access – The Digital Incubator conference, at the Fairmont Hotel in Winnipeg, as I sat there listening to some great minds talking, it became clear to me Digital Media is on the rise. If NDB is to grow into what we want it to, that means staying up to date and growing digitally.  Getting on board with anything Digital and Interactive, it’s the future, the development of all things digital…..the digital Brand.

NDB Studios is working hard to build our digital brand. Our new website is in the works, and were super pumped for its launch in the near future. The old website, which was a sad attempt at web design made by us (lol), is definitely an antique in the world of New/Digital Media. So keep an eye out for that.  Your reading this so you know about the NDBlog, but make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on anything!  You can also follow us on Twitter, or become a fan of NDB Studios on Facebook. We’ve got our hands in all kinds of cookie jars, so keep your ears open for our Brand of Local Organic Audio coming to Digital Media near you!